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The Essential Plan for Fertility Main Feature】
・A necessity for reproductive health for both men and women
FREE fertility consultation with a medical expert for every purchase
・Easy and convenient to stay healthy with minimum effort
・2-in-1: Supplement packages and pregnancy test kit
・Better egg quality and pregnancy rates


What is The Essential Plan for Fertility?
The Essential Plan for Fertility is a supplement package that highlights comprehensive nutritional needs for those trying to conceive. A necessity for better egg quality and pregnancy rates. Get yours now!


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[LUMIROUS] The Essential Plan for...

Regular Price
RM199.00 MYR
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RM199.00 MYR
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1 month

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"The Essential Plan is a the best option ingredient-wise and price-wise. It is affordable and contains a comprehensive list of nutrients for people who are trying for a baby,"

— Yong Wei Shian, LUMIROUS Residency Pharmacist.

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The Essential Plan for Fertility is a supplement package curated by LUMIROUS, a Malaysian FemTech company. This plan is a a very much needed nutrient for couples who are trying to conceive (TTC). Surely, your journey in TTC is easier, each pill per day, with LUMIROUS Basic Plan fertility supplement!

Ingredients: Folic acid (5mg), CoQ10 (75mg), Vitamin E, High Strength Fish oil (300mg DHA + 600mg EPA), multivitamins (30s), and a pregnancy test kit
Made In: Malaysia

*** Source from trusted and reliable brand.

Take all pills in one go everyday after your meals.

*** It is recommended to take the supplement pills every morning after breakfast for a more consistent routine.

Store at normal temperature.


The Basic Plan - Mainly focuses on the most basic need for enhancing fertility.

The Essential Plan - Consists of a comprehensive ingredient list for boosting nutrition.

The Complete Plan - A higher strength supplement plan for enhancing pregnancy rates.

Anytime of the day would be fine for consumption. However, we highly recommend for consumers to take the supplement pills after breakfast to create an effective and consistent routine for the body.

Here are why you should definitely purchase LUMIROUS fertility supplements:

1. Comes with a pregnancy test kit

2. Comes in 3 types of plans within your budget

3. Easy at-home fertility supplement package

4. Trustable and curated by certified pharmacists

No worries, you can take the pills normally with the usual dose the next day!

Most people can take CoQ10, unless you know that you have allergy towards CoQ10 or you are currently taking any blood-thinning medication such as Warfarin.